Professional Sewer Services

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

If there is one repair and maintenance area of your home or office that requires prompt, efficient and reliable service, it’s sewers and drains. Sewers are prone to clogs and can be a health hazard. At Professional Service, our 24-hour emergency sewer services can not only fix, unblock, and repair your sewers and drains, but also provide routine maintenance that ensures your sewer system is clean and fully operational.

Sewer Installation

You can call Professional Service for new sewer installations as we make sure that sewer and plumbing installations follow all state safety procedures. Our experienced and trained plumbers are capable of installing new sewer systems using the latest technology. Whether you need a new sewer installed for a new home or an existing one completely replaced, Professional Service has you covered!

Sewer Maintenance

Routine maintenance services are a must to ensure that your sewer lines are clean and allow for early detection of any potential leaks. Professional Service utilizes video camera pipe inspection to make sure that no section of the sewer has a clog or a broken pipe.

Sewer Replacement

Replacing an outdated sewer or drainage system no longer needs to be time-consuming, costly or a troublesome affair. By utilizing our wealth of experience in sewer replacement, you can trust that Professional Service plumbers will handle the job with care and precision. Not only do we provide efficient solutions for sewer replacement, we also follow up with regular checks and inspections to ensure smooth operations.

Emergency Sewer Repair

We offer 24/7 emergency sewer repair services in the event of a sudden sewer problem. Our plumbers are trained to quickly diagnose the problem and find an effective solution. Whether it is blocked drains, an overflowing sewer or any other issue, you can rely on Professional Service for quick repair and restoration.

We are committed to constantly improving our quality of service. Our proven track record and our satisfied clientele is a testimonial to our continuing assurance to cost-effective and reliable sewer and drain repair, installations, replacement, and maintenance. At Professional Service, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for residential and commercial sewer services!


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